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July Promotions


Freight allowance

Order $1000 or more and receive a 5% discount. 

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July Promotion

Order $750 or more and receive Net 60 days FFA. 

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Promos Q3


Code 0391

Order $300 or more and receive Net 30, FFA* Deadline: September 30 

Code 0392

Order 1000$ or more and receive Net 60, FFA*.

Deadline: September 30

Code 0393

Order 1500$ or more and receive Net 90, FFA* and 5% discount. Deadline: September 30

Code 0394

Order 2000$ or more and receive Net 90, FFA* and 15% discount. Deadline: September 30

ASTRA Code 0781

Order 500$ or more and receive Net 90, FFA* and 10% discount. Deadline: September 30

Promotions do not apply to customers with existing terms.

For credit card customers, only FFA (and/or) a discount will apply - not terms.

* FFA (free freight allowance): Shipping fees can be deducted if the invoice is paid on time . FFA does not automatically guarantee that shipping will be free.

**Customers must have existing accounts in good standing with the vendors to be eligible for promotions**

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